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Art Services

Need something created? Digital or Traditional available. Contact Jenny to find out how she can help you.

Redbubble Gallery

- Framed artwork, posters, canvas prints
- Unique designs on clothing for all
- Greeting cards, iphone covers, stickers and calendars

previews of photography and artwork available to view and buy online at Redbubble


Keep up to date with what's happening in the studio or design space.
Two to choose from - one about arts, crafts and workshops - the other is more graphic design focussed.
Each is sent at the end of the month.


Art Gallery

Life is just a giant canvas ready to be painted. Throw on the paint, ink, crayons and texture until it makes you smile.
  • Nature's Guardian Nature's Guardian A digital painting created with Adobe Photoshop for the Longest Illustration Project in the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination group of Redbubble. Inspired by the beautiful painting by Sophie Anderson (1823-1903) called ‘Thus Your Fairy’s Made of Most Beautiful Things, 1869.’
  • Red Robins (also named Feathered Friends) Red Robins (also named Feathered Friends) Feathered friends chatting in the wintertime, probably about the worm that’s poked his head out of the ground to see if it’s spring yet! Pencil illustration, scanned then had a digital background added.
  • Bee Gathering Pollen on Lavender Bee Gathering Pollen on Lavender Original painting using acrylic on a glass plate. Based on a photograph I took.
  • Thinking of You Thinking of You Two best friends, a cat and a bird. Digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Happy Christmas Happy Christmas Two best friends, a cat and a bird. Digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Two best friends, a cat and a bird. Digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Origami Man in Space Origami Man in Space This illustration of Origami Man meeting the Venus Fly Trap was created in Cinema 4D as part an assignment for my Diploma of Multimedia at TAFE.
  • Blue Rain Blue Rain Scene from an animation I wrote and created (in Adobe Flash) about the life of a snail… who just happens to have dragonflies for friends and eats fresh strawberries for breakfast!

Illustration and Art Services

Above is a small selection of my artwork. If you visit my Georgiegirl profile at Redbubble, you will see a large selection of my paintings, illustrations and photographs. There are also a few others in the albums on my Facebook Page.

If you see a particular style you'd like to use for your own project, please let me know.

I draw, sketch and paint in various styles and mediums, including both traditional and digital.

I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Painter for digital work but am able to use other programs as well. Most programs will save in a variety of file types so I can easily save your project in whatever format it is needed.

A Selection of Artwork For Sale at Redbubble